Daniel is a young and ambitious graphic designer located in central Washington State, Yakima, WA. Always eager to expand his knowledge, Daniel is in a neverending process of learning new design techniques and styles to keep his work fresh and his knowledge growing. He has extensive experience in print and website design. From his experiences in the printing and web industries, Daniel has aquired a sound understanding of designing for print as well as the web. He is a firm believer in developing standards compliant websites, compliant to WC3 standards (www.w3c.org). To learn more about standards compliant website code and how you can benefit from it click here.

Daniel has experience in a fast paced printing production environment, meeting strict deadlines on a a daily basis. From this he has acquired the will and know how to complete projects under tight deadlines without compromising the quality of the work. He has also acquired a multifaceted depth of knowledge in printing processes.

Through his work as a staff designer as well as a freelance commerical artist, Daniel has intiated several close collaborations with other designers and printing firms. Through the various projects, he has established a solid base of on-going and repeat business with clients locally, out-of-state and internationally as well.

Daniel's design style is difficult to label, one could identify it as distressed avant-garde with a hint science fiction thrown in. This produces work that fits in well with classic as well as modern design projects. He has the ability to adapt his design style to fit almost any project. Fill free to contact him if you feel his abilities may be beneficial to you. What can Daniel Writer Graphic Design do for you?

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